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FMP and integration with statistical analysis programs

Question asked by hiactor on May 20, 2009
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FMP and integration with statistical analysis programs


Hi there!

I am new to FMP and was wondering whether there is an easy (automated) way to update ongoing statistical analysis while the data set is still growing in FMP.



for example, let's say measuring research variable for an experiment, I am collecting data for the color of apples and pears.

so my database get pear1, apple1, pear2, pear3, apple2 all with their values for red, green and blue content.


can I export or better automatically analyse that data stratified by type of fruit? comparing red values between apples and pears?


at best automatically (updating)?


of course I have a lot more variable than R,G,B... many more.


any ideas or experiences? do I have to manually export to SPSS or STATA everytime I measure a new apple or pear?


Thanks alot for any help