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FMP Capabilities question(s)

Question asked by gonico on Aug 9, 2010
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FMP Capabilities question(s)


Hey guys,

As you know, purchasing FMP 11 is quite expensive, and before I make the plunge, and take the time to learn the product (i have no prior knowledge of databases), I wanted to see if FMP will accomplish what Im hoping it can.

In my business, I use the following: Invoice, before and after pictures, exel / word files, pdf files.  

Is there a way, that I can link all of these together? I would like to see an invoice, and have a link to the pictures, report file (word / excel file), and the pdf file.  Every project I work on has these 4-5 items.  Is there an elegant way of keeping all of this together in FMP?  

I currently just have a folder with subfolders (invoice, pictures, reports, pdf files).  However I would like a neat way of doing this in FCP and even being able to search by invoice number, customer name, project name, etc etc.

If this is indeed possible, I'll download the trial, buy a few books and teach myself how to do these things.  

Thanks a bunch!