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    FMP Charts



      FMP Charts



           I wanted to know if someone can please help me create a company supply demand chart.

           demand for company products changes over years and supply typically remains same due to manufacturing constraint. i have following data set

           Product      Demand-FY 12     Demand Fy-13    Demand FY-14    Demand FY-15      Supply

           ABC                   12                            14                            19                         22                            20

           XYZ                      11                         14                              17                          19                          20

           the Demand should in X axis progressing over the period of years (Y-axis) and supply remains constant. 

           I am totally confused if it is even possible in FMP. also, if i need to arrange my dataset(currently they are like this coz demand tabs comes from multiple calculation)

           Thank you,

           the diagram below shows what i created in excel but i would prefer to do it in FMP.