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FMP Equivalent to Bento's Simple List?

Question asked by jroller on Mar 12, 2012
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FMP Equivalent to Bento's Simple List?


Trying to make a custom database to help track inventory and sales. Looked at starter solutions, but like most other cookie cutter solutions, what I have found does not do exactly what I want (and ONLY what I want, without a number of other unwanted details.)

Tried part of this once before with FMP, but couldn't figure it out. Tried Bento and was successful, but Bento won't allow users to preset values (e.g., Qty field automatically enters 1 on creating new record), much less set conditions (if field A = Choc. Chip, Number of Items per box = 240).

I would like to create a DB wherein I enter all purchases from a receipt, have it auto enter certain data as suggested above. In a separate layout, I'd like to enter daily tallies:

Cookies sold = # of trays cooked x 12 cookies per tray

Wasted cookies = x

Complimentary/gifts = x

This data will then update my inventory totals for each product in stock.


Where I am having trouble is figuring out how to do what must be really simple:

How do you enter all items purchased on a given receipt without making a bunch of "Product" fields? 


Some receipts may have a handful of items purchased, while others may have twenty or more items purchased. Seems absurd to have to make a form with twenty "Product" fields when you only need to enter three items.


In Bento, I was simply able to insert a Simple List field, but I don't know how to do the same in FMP.


Any thoughts?


Thanks in advance...