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    FMP File opens with wrong fields



      FMP File opens with wrong fields


      FMP File opens with wrong fields

      Using Mac 10.6.7 on MacBook Pro FM 10 & 11  Fields for export etc. are different from the ones from Manage Database.

      In other words it looks like File 1 has been droped on File 2 and partially absorbed.  

      This was posted a little while ago and dissapeared.

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          It's still there as I can see your earlier post.

          Can you describe what you are attempting to do in more detail?

          When you select Export Records from the File Menu, you have a drop down that allows you to specify fields for export from the current layout, the current table (occurrence acutally) or any other table (occurrence) defined in your file. This export will create a brand new file when you export the data. If you want to move records from one filemaker file to another, you need to open the 2nd file and use Import Records to import the records from the 1st file.

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            Hi Phil,  Here's the long sad story.

            First off these FMP file have been running properly for years.   There is a Customer file and an Invoice file.

            When I open the Customer file it opens properly with fields like FirstName, LastName, Address, etc.

            When I open the Invoice file it opens with the same fields, not the correct fields: InvoiceNumber, ItemQuantity, ItemNane, ItemSKU, IncoiceAmount, etc. as it should.

            So the forms for the Invoice file are mostly <file missing> and the print that way as only the Customer file headers work.

            In the Invoice file If I go to File/Manage/Database  all of the original ( InvoiceNumber, ItemQuantity, etc.) are there, but I'm unable to get to them.

            I started this program when FMP was Claris FM, it has been converted so many times into new versions I'm afraid I've lost it.

            Thanks for any help.

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              Enter Layout mode and open Layout Setup...

              Check to see what is listed in "Show Records From". What You'll see here is the name of a table occurrence box from Manage | Database | Relationships.

              Make sure that the expected name is selected here.

              If it is, then open Manage | Database | Relationships and double click this table occurrence and see if it refers to the correct data source table. It sounds like it is referring to other file when it should be referring to your current file, but I could be wrong here.

              Do you have a back up copy of this file that does not show this behavior?

              You may need to save a clone of your back up file and then import your data from your current copy into it.