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FMP forms

Question asked by ESing on Dec 13, 2011
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FMP forms


New to FMP. Am creating a new db for my company, tracking "tblProject" as 1 to many with "tblProperties" which is many to many (so have a linking table) with "tblInvestments"

The issue is that there are currently 5 types of investments and each one has basic information plus additional info only related to that inv. type AND different people will be responsible for inputting new information. Should "Investments" stay as one large table with a lot of null values and if so, how does that work with creating unique forms for each type. Or should they be different tables and if so, how would that work for making queries for something like "total investment amount for a specific year"?

Also, in Access, I would picture a main form for "tblProperty" with Project info included and then tabbed sub-forms - 1 for each type of investment (with still the question about whether it's one table or many investment tables)...

Any ideas on the FMP equivalent or best practices for this?