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FMP Front End to SQL?

Question asked by rjlevesque on Aug 23, 2011
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FMP Front End to SQL?


I just HAVE to pose this question because it has been bugging me for so long now. I keep seeing people wanting to use a FMP front end, for a SQL backend database system. Here's the thing...

If you already have the main database on the web, why on earth do you need to mix your technologies? Why even use FMP at all at this point when you can just build a GUI right on the web?

I think it is great to communicate with a master database from several client systems, makes sense...but once again I find myself asking.."Ok, why do we need the front end to be in filemaker again? WHen everyone can access it directly over the web?"


So can someone, anyone please give me just one good reason to do this? Because to me this makes no sense at all...


I still say pick your poison, either choose FMP or Web Technologies...makes no sense to mix them. If someone can prove me wrong and show me why there is an advantage to this that would be great!  =)