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    FMP Import Records has Field Errors



      FMP Import Records has Field Errors


           I am importing 13800 FMP 11v4 format records into a newly modified FMP DB.    After the import i had the Import report box say 13800 imported...


      38 fields were not imported due to errorssurprise

           I deleted all the records, imported the 13800 records again with only the "Add new records" option checked and I visually verified in the import dialog that all my fields matched correctly.

           What caused this message and is there a worry?  The DB seem to be normal and ok?


           MacOS 10.6.8


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                    ...with only the "Add new records" option checked...

               What options were selected the first time that weren't the second time around?

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                 I just was "mechanically" doing about 10 files, each with its own records the first time.  Didn't pay close attention.  Thats is why I repeated the process to verify exactly and that i may have created some new fields.

                 But ... no joy... still same results 

                 9 of 10 files reported clean imports.

                 The largest File imports, 13800 records, got the field error message.

                 This was a first for me.



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                   This is the second time that I've heard mention of this particular error. Usually, a validation error--such as importing duplicate values into a field that specifies unique values only, blocks the import of the entire record.

                   I'd think that this particular error would be due to a type mismatch such as importing data that FileMaker can't recognize as a date into a date field, but then I would expect that to trip the same error regardless of your import option selections.

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                     These records were Journal entries in an account program.  I did my Accounting balance checks and all were consistant and passed, so no money was lostyes.

                     The last approx 800 records had been added since the last update so i will scan those for duplicates, but I don't normally use Validation and do my own internal validations for reasons of recovery.  The main parts were were encoded in FMP 8 before script triggers was the main reason for script validations.

                     I didn't change field types in the modification.  I did change this about field types.....

                     The conversion by FMP from FMP8 to FMP11 did this to several numeric Global fields... example.. for say gNum

                GetAsNum( MyTable::gNum)

                     I change a few of those in the scripts to just  MyTable::gNum   indecision.  it seemed harmless.  Was it?  The script shouldn't cause it but when did FMP go to the trouble of adding the GetAsNum function?


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                       @Phil   I double checked my Table and there is one field that has validation from Member of Value list.  What happens to that field if it fails validation on the import?  I did have a Display custom message if Validation Fails marked.

                       Anticipating your answer a bit...  If that field was not member of list... would be the 38 field errors?  I am going to check that possibility now.


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                         To repeat: When a validation error is tripped during import, I'd expect to see the entire record excluded and a different error message--one that says records were excluded intead of fields were excluded.

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                           This is  a good example of understanding the effects of External Files, like the separation model, and importing records.  The validation was the erroryes.  I had an External File of Vendors using fkVendorID (interface file) to mark which vendor invoiced a Journal Record (Data file).

                           I imported the Journal File BEFORE the Vendor File.  The Journal File saw that there was a fkVendorID not in the OLD list of vendors..... duhhhh

                           I just deleted all 13800 and reimported them. AFTER the Vendor File...

                      NO ERRORS....smiley

                           So endth the lesson in proper import sequencing of files knowing their dependencies.

                           Thanks again, Phil,  for help solving it.