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FMP Menus - dimouts?

Question asked by mattb on Nov 29, 2011
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FMP Menus - dimouts?


I would dearly love to be able to conditionally dim out specific pulldown menu items in FMP custom menus, although this does not seem possible. 

The situation is I have commercial software that has optional add-on modules.  When somebody owns the add-on modules, I would like the menu choices that pertain to them to be active.  Conversely, if the user does not own the add-on module, the menu choices that pertain to them should be visible, but dimmed out, i.e. not choosable.

Right now it seems the only option I have is that all menu choices are active, but if the add-on module is not present, then I have to bring up a message box that says it must be purchased and installed etc.  This is very awkward, and I really would like to avoid this scenario and have something more menu dimouts!

Any advice in handling this situation would be greatly appreciated!



Matt Bloomfield