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FMP Newbie tasked with creating solution for mutual fund company

Question asked by Corker on Feb 14, 2011
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FMP Newbie tasked with creating solution for mutual fund company


We are currently using Bento for our investors (over 1,500 & counting), their investments (we have 12 funds & counting) & generating quarterly investor statements. It's becoming too onerous to track since we keep adding more investors and more funds - there are now too many moving parts. It's time for a relational database - which I've been tasked with. I am only slightly familiar with FMP11, since I've watched the Cris Ippolite series on This series of videos were a great introduction but included a very simple example of a database solution. I have so many technical questions and need a better support system. I'd probably need to speak to someone every few days. We're a small company so we don't have the budget for a consultant. What would be the best support option for me to get our database up and running? I have until the end of March when our next round of statements are due to go to investors. I've seen Priority Support for US$899. What is the process with PS? Would I have to reiterate my "story" every time I phone in? This would be so time-consuming and remind me of the hours I've already spent on the phone in "tech support hell" (so to speak). Or is someone assigned to my file? Any suggestions on the best course of action would be greatly appreciated.