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FMP not saving "minor" changes

Question asked by TheTid on Aug 5, 2014
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FMP not saving "minor" changes


     For some time now, I've noticed that FMP 10 doesn't 'remember' if I've done a find or sort or changed layouts, etc. It isn't a major impediment but it is an irritation.

     I now discover - from the Help files - that this is deliberate! FMP no longer saves these actions it considers "too minor to be worth bothering with" (my paraphrase).

     However, I beg to differ. If I've found something in my main database, I want to see that next time I login. Any major finds or states are in my Script menu anyway, so I can always invoke them if I need.

     Is there any way I can override this high-handed assumption that I don't want to see 'minor' events remembered? (They always used to be, in FM6 and earlier, as the Help file admits).