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    FMP on iPhone



      FMP on iPhone


      I want to have a stand alone copy of Filemake Pro 9. After checking the availability of FMP on iPhone,

      I realized that the only way to do is by third party plugin. Does anyone know what kind of plugin do I need

      and where to get it?


      Thanks for you help in advance 

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          Thank you for your post.


          If you do a quick search on our web site (www.filemaker.com) for "iPhone", there are a seven articles returned where iPhone is discussed.


          On the Bento forum, there was a discussion about FM Touch (www.fmtouch.com).  You may want to look at that site for more information.



          FileMaker, Inc. 

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            Thank you for your help.


            The link you provided www.fmtouch.com has the information I was looking for.


            I appreciate your instant response.


            Thanks a lot again,


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              I just checked out FMTouch. It is $70. Looks good, but what I'd love to see is a simple sync between FMP and mobile me address book contacts for selected key fields. Does this exist? 


              I use Filemaker to database my business, because it allows for many more fields and functions than you find in Mac Address Book. It would be AWESOME if the basics of contact info could sync between mobile me and filemaker without spending the $70. I don't really need full access to my business database on the go, and I do enjoy the seamless email relationship and syncing with address book and mac mail.


              I am in data hell at the moment: I exported data from filemaker to set up my Mac Address Book, and the fields would never import over correctly, no matter how many times and ways I tried to get the field alignment right. I was out of time and then synced to iPhone anyway. So now I'm on the road, adding data to contacts in my ass backwards phone (e.g., email data landed in phone fields on that initial import, so I am manually transcribing and dialing to make a call instead of just hitting the call button). Of course now I also find that my filemaker database is behind the times, and doesn't have the latest information. So basically, I will have to start all over again. But I do want to get it right this time, and have sync-ability between all the locations.




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                Why not just create an application yourself? Its not hard to do.. I also looked at FMTouch but don't like the limitation of size and its usability.


                I decided to look into Objective C and creating my own application.. I have some programming background with C. The iPhone SDK is very very good and it took me about two weeks and I had a simple and very functional iPhone native application running and talking to FM via XML.


                Not hard at all. 

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                     I presumed that since FileMaker's little brother Bento could be synced with the iPhone/iPod Touch that I could locally sync my iPod Touch with FileMaker Pro 10. If it is possible I haven't figured it out yet. Judging from the above messages other people would like to do the same. I would like to be able to walk around recording inventory on my iTouch and then be able to sync with my inventory db on my computer via wifi. I don't need any sort of remote (phone) access away from the shop. Is there a simple solution to this or will I just have to wait for FileMaker to catch up with Bento?
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                    BrxTn wrote:
                    or will I just have to wait for FileMaker to catch up with Bento?  

                     Unfortunately yes. Perhaps FMI will give us that option in the near future.


                    The other options are to create a CWP interface with a local web server or to look into the FMTouch solution as mentioned earlier.


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                         OK. Thanks. That let's me know where I am so I don't have to keep struggling for the answer.
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                        FMTouch is actually $29.99 and the Enterprise License automatically generates a binary so you can actually sell your FileMaker database as an iPhone application on the iTunes store.



                        Also you can use quite a bit of scripting and calculations - http://bit.ly/48pztR This is the scripting and calculations guide.  FileMaker iPhone databases can sync using wifi, a database opened remotely, adhoc networking or through a database hosted on FileMaker server.  (It connects via 3G / Internet access).


                        I hope this is helpful.


                        In Kindness

                        Stephen Knight