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    FMP replication from text files;  write text files



      FMP replication from text files;  write text files


      I want to update a remote FMP DBs from text files issued by an
      enterprise system and made available on an enterprise ftp site.
      The remote FMP systems will be running on windows laptops.
      I'd prefer not to involve FMP server.

      What I hoped to do was use FMP to write a ftp script that could be called
      by 'send event -> ftp -s:<ftpscriptfilename>'.  The ftpscriptfilename file
      would have standard ftp commands like:

      open <servername>
      cd <directory for text files>
      lcd <working directory for FMP import>
      get <filename>
      get <filename>
      I've seen discussion of the difficulty of doing things similar.

      One problem seems to be that Export puts all text on one (DOS) line if it is coming from one record, and does not appear to respect attempts to embed carriage returns and linefeeds.

      I even tried to put each line of the above in its own record and export them all - this almost worked except for the tabs or csv delimiters Export adds.   Too bad there isn't a plain "Export -> plain text" option!

      Is there a way to do this?  Or does anyone have a suggestion of a way to use FMP/ftp without buying a plug in?  I see there are two plug-ins available and there is also commandlineftp for windows that would probably work.  But I'd much prefer if this could just be done with FMP.

      Any comment appreciated,