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FMP reporting

Question asked by eibcga1 on May 24, 2009
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FMP reporting


Hello all,


I'm new to FMP and a long time Excel user.


I maintain a DB to keep track of my finances in a table called Ledger, with fields for date, name, memo, account, amount, and calculation fields "total of amount" and "total of amount running with restart".  There are now over 5,000 records which I imported from accounting software which is replaced by FMP.


I also have a linked table called Accounts with fields for account name, type, account number, etc.  I have Account Name in the Accounts table linked to the Account field in the Ledger table.  I use Value Lists when doing data entry for the account name, and the name of a customer or supplier.  All is well.


Now I want to do summary reports from FMP, instead of having to export the records to Excel and run a Pivot Table.  All I need is a simple list of all accounts with the total of amount for each.  I find the New Layout / Report feature a bit confusing and never seem to get to get this simple report.


Any guidance would be appreciated.


Thanks for a great product!