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FMP Script wont run properly - Why?

Question asked by woodman35 on Jun 17, 2010
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FMP Script wont run properly - Why?


I have two scripts which I can run successfully in succession - but If I place a command at the end of the 1st script to run the 2nd script, it doesn't work properly.
Also- If I place all the commands in the 2nd script at the end of the first script , also no go:

Go to layout ["Invoices"(main table)}
Show all records
Enter Find Mode [] ! here i have to enter find !criteria manually
Sort Records

Go To Layout ["Budget Label" (photo log master}]
!this layout is a report with summaries
Sort Records [restore; No dialog]
Enter Preview Mode []

If I run these commands as one script
FMP tries to sort all 6000 records in the "Invoices" layout instead of Entering Find mode, which is strange to me because the first 4 commands in this combined script are the same either way.

Thanks for any help
Enter Preview Mode []