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FMP sharing issues on Mac OSX server

Question asked by AmitMeller on Oct 22, 2013
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FMP sharing issues on Mac OSX server


     I installed FMP Advanced (12.0v5) on my Mac OSX Server (10.8.5).

     When I try to switch on "Network Sharing" under File>Sharing, I am getting this Error message:

"FileMaker cannot share files because another user is already sharing files using FileMaker Pro on this computer."


But I do not have FileMaker Server installed OR any other copy of FileMaker Pro installed on this machine.

     I tried re-booting the computer and launching only FileMaker Pro, same problem persists.

     Also, I can reproduce the same problem with the Network cable disconnected on my Mac.

     This is really annoying, the main reason I purchased FileMaker Pro is to allow Network sharing of files!


     Any idea or help will be greatly appreciated!