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    FMP Table Relationships



      FMP Table Relationships


      I am an access convert that still dabbles in Access, but I love what FMP offers....one thing i find confusing is the Relationship side.  Can someone please break down the table relationships for me?  How many types are there?  Examples of situations I would use them for?  The FMP "Help" and training manual are of no help to me?

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          Thank you for your post.


          FileMaker Pro allows you to link two tables together via a "key" field.  For example, in a sales order file, you will have an invoice layout.  You may enter a Customer ID number, and the Customer Name, Address, City, etc. will automatically display.  This Customer ID number links the sales order table to the Customers table.


          Also on that sales order table, you may enter a part number, and then the item description and price displays.  The part number connects the sales order table with the Inventory table.


          Now, if you go to File -> Manage -> Database..., one of the tabs is "Relationships".  You should see a graphic representation of your three tables.  If you find the Customer ID in the sales order table, click on that, and drag it over to the Customer ID field in the Customer table.  When you let go, a line will be drawn between the two tables.  Do the same thing with the Part Number field in sales order to the Part Number field in the Inventory table.


          This should get you pointed in the right direction, and hopefully, give you some ideas.


          If you need clarification for any of the above steps, please let me know.



          FileMaker, Inc. 

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            Hi TSGal,

            Thanks for your post.  Is it possible to access a related table from within the current table you are working in?  ie. by using a button?  I understand that you can create a portal to view info from a related table within your current table, but can you actually switch between tables that are related?  Essentially I want to be able to open the related record in the related db by hitting a button, or performing some such function.


            Let me explain my setup.  I have a contacts db and an inventory purchases db that are related by a number key as well as by the contact's name & company.  I set it up this way because most of the contacts have not made purchases.  I want to be able to access the purchases db via the contacts db for contact records that actually have made purchases, rather than having a portal in the contacts db that will be empty most of the time.  The other issue with using a portal in the contacts db to view the purchase records is that I don't really have enough room to display all the purchase info.


            Please let me know if I am way off base here.  I'm just not sure if FMP9 operates this way or not.
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              Jens Teich
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