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    FMP Tutorial related questions



      FMP Tutorial related questions




           I posted my 1st question in the wrong forum, this was brought to my attention, I deleted it from that forum. So I have now two questions regarding the tutorial sold by FM for newbies ( me ).


           Is this the appropriate place/forum to post them into or is their a better recommended forum?


           Terence D.

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               I suggest you seek support over at  http://www.fmforums.com

               But, AFAIK, there are no forums directly specific towards the tutorial specifically but you can still receive all the assistance you need if you are willing to ask and FMForums is better organised, faster, free registration, accepts attachments, more talented folks to assist etc …  :-)

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                 Thank ou Ms LaRetta

                 That has a lot of nearly overwhelming forums to choose from. I have started the process of application ( awaiting email back that my account is viable ) I will try and post my question in the "12" FMP forum and check the response.


                 Thanks for your time and if you can share any insights as future uses of this forum "do tell".




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                   No matter which forum you choose, they are all great FileMaker folks.  FMForums might seem confusing at first but that aids in searching and reviewing making it one of the most potent resources on the web.  No matter which forum you post in, we regulars who assist there will see them all and we respond.  If it is in the wrong forum, a moderator will move it; no problem.  


                   And it allows easy sharing of templates and examples on a thread where folks can even step into a chat to discuss the problems more privately & directly.  I've assisted on all the forums and everyone, once over that initial confusion there, finds FMForums'  benefits far outweigh the initial confusion.

                   I have friends and respect for many folks on all the forums.  :-)

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                     Yes, this is where I was suggesting that you ask your question.