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    FMP v14 and App Nap



      FMP v14 and App Nap


      Does FMP v14 take advantage of App Nap?

      In FMP v13, you could disable App Nap in the Get Info dialog box... but this option is no longer in the Get Info for v14.

      I have long running operations that App Nap used to interfere with, so I disabled it just for FMP v13.  But if v14 uses App Nap with no option to disable, then I will need to disable App Nap for all apps.


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          A bit of experimentation proves that if you want FMP v14 to run hard unattended, then you have to disable Apples' App Nap.

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            You have to disable it for the whole Mac using a terminal command in El Capitan.


            Open the Terminal (Go->Utilities->Terminal).  Paste in this command . . .


            defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSAppSleepDisabled -bool YES

            It really makes a difference!


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              Thank you Eric,


              Very helpful ! It will be tough to sell one more thing to our end users because they run some reports in the back ground and in FMP13 it was a no brainer to check "Prevent App Napping" now for FMP14 sending tour end users tto the Terminal is not end user friendly!


              Please FMI bring the option "Prevent App Napping" back to the Info Panel!