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FMP-9 Permission Issue

Question asked by David40 on May 21, 2013


FMP-9 Permission Issue


     While trying to back up some FMP-9 files to a Seagate-4T external hard drive, I received an error message saying "... the action could not be completed because permission was not approved for fmiwppf ..."

     I searched for this file (UNIX Executable file) and found it tied to an Installer Log File that was created and modified  in 2007.  It is only 78 kb in size.

     I have never had this error message before.  How do I fix it so I can back-up my files?  Can I just delete it to fix the problem.  I tried "repairing the permissions", but nothing changed.

     I am running an iMac with Leopard.

     Thanks in advance!