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FMP10 Mac Runtime won't open on G5 Mac

Question asked by CPSEN on Feb 26, 2010
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FMP10 Mac Runtime won't open on G5 Mac


FMP 10 Advanced

Intel Mac, 10.6.2

I'm new to Advanced but have used FMP for 10 years


I'm trying to build an inventory solution using above which ultimately will be used as a runtime on a G5 Mac running Tiger (I think - it's remote and I don't have access at the moment) as well as, eventually, others.  I've been able to build the runtime and run it on the Intel Mac, but when I move that to the G5, the solution starts to open then quits with no error message.  I read about a similar problem which was said to have been fixed in v. 8.5 or thereabouts.


Anyone have experience with building a runtime for this situation (OS 10.6.2, running on G5 10.4), or have other ideas what might be the problem?