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FMP10 Novice - Year's Dues Report Trouble

Question asked by JasanPalmer on Sep 17, 2011
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FMP10 Novice - Year's Dues Report Trouble


Self-taught, from scratch (Excel files), and by the skin of my teeth, I created and maintain a DB for a homeowners asso. There are 695 properties, each its own record. I also created a relational table for dues by year, so I can track info. for each year of a property's dues. See sample.

I created a report to list each property and its 2011 dues status information (if paid, amount, postdate, check#, etc.). It worked until I added 2012 records for everyone. I usually do this at the end of the fiscal year (1 Nov). But someone prepaid. Now the report will only show results for 2012. For the life of me I can't get it to show only 2011 dues status.

My script reads:

Show all records
Enter Browse Mode []
Go to Layout ["Dues Entry Report-By ID" (SPPOA DB)]
Sort records [Restore; No dialog]
#Go to Preview mode for earlier versions which do not support summary reports in Browse mode.
If [GetAsNumber ( Substitute ( Get ( ApplicationVersion ); "."; "x" )) < 1000]
   Enter Preview Mode [Pause]
   Enter Browse Mode []
   Go to Layout [original layout]
End If 

I added a "Perform Find" just above the Sort to find only those with 2011 in the "YearDue" field. It had no effect.

I hope I have provided sufficient and clear enough information. Suggestions?