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FMP10 Screen Viewing Distortion

Question asked by JHHowland on Dec 10, 2010
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FMP10 Screen Viewing Distortion


I have very successfully converted my Filemaker 5.5 marina management solution from .fp5 to .fp7 files using Filemaker 10 Advanced and Windows XP SP3.  A lot of work, but well worth the effort considering all the new available features and benefits.  Couple of things I don't understand about FP10 that I would hope someone could clarify for me.

When switching from the normal screen view to add the "Status Toolbar", the screen presentation is badly distorted.  Also, when using the field "Drop Down List" feature, the screen presentation becomes distorted in the area where the drop list was shown.

To view all screen shots of this problem, goto and select the "Picasa Web Albums" link.

Any clairification and perhaps a fix would be greatly appreciated.