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    FMP10 won't see Bento 3 DBs



      FMP10 won't see Bento 3 DBs


      The Title says it all. I try to open a Bento 3 DB in FMP 10 and it claims I need to have Bento 2 or greater installed on the machine. It is but FMP10 won't see it.

      I'd like to import a large DB so that I could try Filemaker Go for my iPhone since Bento for the iPhone 4 is a train wreck with large files or it just doesn't work with the iPhone 4. 

      These constant problems trying to get my data onto my phone have me really annoyed. I had an app 10 years ago that could get databases onto my Palm device with less hassle.


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          I'm neither a Bento user nor a Mac user at the moment, but I've learned from other posts here that you need to have the Bento file closed before you can successfully import the data from it. If my memory is accurate, the error message you are seeing is one you get if you try to import from the Bento file while it is open.