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FMP10 won't see Bento 3 DBs

Question asked by MichaelRuiz on Aug 31, 2010
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FMP10 won't see Bento 3 DBs


The Title says it all. I try to open a Bento 3 DB in FMP 10 and it claims I need to have Bento 2 or greater installed on the machine. It is but FMP10 won't see it.

I'd like to import a large DB so that I could try Filemaker Go for my iPhone since Bento for the iPhone 4 is a train wreck with large files or it just doesn't work with the iPhone 4. 

These constant problems trying to get my data onto my phone have me really annoyed. I had an app 10 years ago that could get databases onto my Palm device with less hassle.