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FMP10, Bento, iPod Touch

Question asked by macpublish on Feb 27, 2010
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FMP10, Bento, iPod Touch


NOTE: I currently use FMP6 but I plan to upgrade FMP10 (Mac) soon. I do not have Bento on either the iPhone or Mac.


My question: If I get Bento for the iPhone/iPod Touch (BUT NOT THE OS X DESKTOP VERSION), can I export data from my iPod Touch Bento app into FMP 10 on my desktop? I don't want to buy an OS X version of Bento. I don't plan on using it and I don't want to pay just to pass data back and forth between apps.


Taking this a step further, assuming that FMP10 on my desktop is a given, is this the best way to accomplish my goal or is there some better approach.