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FMP11 - Recover Errors - Layout Grouped Objects

Question asked by stcav on Jan 26, 2011
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FMP11 - Recover Errors - Layout Grouped Objects


My issue concerns the Recover command and its reporting of errors or changed items. I have been developing a database so the structure is presently changing rather more than the data. It closed unexpectedly and improperly today, so I performed a Recover on the file. The integrity test passed OK, but the log reported 15 changed items.

All the changes pertained to layouts, and they all take the form:

Recovering: layout '<Layout_name>' (49)

8475   Rebuilt group with 5 object(s)

8487   Reset table view

8476     This item changed

I reverted to a back up file dated 25 November 2010 and Recovered that. It reported 16 errors, all of the same type. 14 errors were on the same layouts, there was 1 new one in the newer file, and 2 that were in the older file had disappeared.

A similar thing happened with a different file (also under development) a few weeks ago, but I found a recent back up with no errors, so I was able to revert to that.

I have read the posts at from about a year ago, which seem to suggest that there is nothing wrong with file and the errors are being created by strange behaviour in the Recover process.

I have a couple of questions:

Has the reporting from last year's thread led to any updates or confirmation that the Recover process is the problem?

Given that only layouts are affected and the errors can apparently be eliminated by minor changes to the layouts, can I be reasonably confident in continuing to use the file, since I would otherwise have to recreate it almost entirely? The file shows no sign of bad behaviour.

Thanks in anticipation,