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    FMP11 Crash when using Remotely Shared File



      FMP11 Crash when using Remotely Shared File


      My office remotely accesses a shared data file and everyone is running Windows XP.  We only have 6 users and there is never more than 2 people accessing the file at the same time.  Every user has complained that FMP11 will crash on them randomly and without warning.  The whole program completely closes and any data that was being entered is lost.  I've instructed the users to keep track of what they are working on to see if it is a particular field, table, button, action, etc... that causes these crashes, but no pattern has surfaced yet.  Any idea what could be the cause of these crashes?

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          How are you "remotely accessing" this "shared data file"?

          If this is a FileMaker file in a shared directory and the users are opening the file directly, then this is something the FileMaker Inc. strongly recommends you not do. This set up an easily result in your file becoming corrupted when two different users attempt to open the file at the same time. This corruption then, could explain why you are expreiencing frequent, random crashes.

          Such shared files should be opened first with one copy of FileMaker--preferrably a copy installed on the same machine as where you put the file. Other users should then use Open Remote to find and access this database.

          Regardless of whether or not you have shared the file in this manner, check it for possible file corruption. Open FileMaker without opening this file and choose Recover from the FileMenu, then select this file to recover it. If it turns out that your file is damaged, best practice is to not use the recovered file, but to replace it with an undamaged back up copy if at all possible.