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FMP11 Demo + Purchase Order Template Help Required

Question asked by bmjboy on May 9, 2010
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FMP11 Demo + Purchase Order Template Help Required


Hi All - My first post.  Im fairly new to FM, but have some mild experience with earlier versions - but this one is stumping me:


I need to demo a working solution to my manager for a simple purchase order system - and infact, the Purchase Order Template with the FMP11 demo is "Almost" perfect for our needs.....


Im hitting one problem:


I wish to add a table of approx 1000+ products - with simple data such as : Product Code / Product Name / Prodcut Selling Price


Within the purchase order, I wish to click in the "Product ID" field to bring up a DDL to select one of these 1000+ products from the value list - which will, in turn, fill in the rest of the fields along. I know how to set the Product ID filed to bring up a Value List.


We intend to have this down 10 rows for larger orders.


From there, we wish to have the file add up the lines and give us a total.


Its just this linking of a table to have multiple products fetched from the table which is giving me grief!



Look forward to your assistance if anyone can help! (In simple english would be good as Im a tad noobish on FMP11)