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Question asked by amtrakpdx on Sep 11, 2012
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FMP12 & Graphs


     I've just learned how to create graphs with my FMP12.  I can see that it will produce something that can be printed out, BUT...

     Is there a way for a graph to become a part (embedded?) of a layout?  If this IS possible would you please give me the pathway I'd use to get this done.




"Or do you mean you have a graph showing the sales value of a Product Range for this Sales Manager for this Quarter and you want to show that on each Sales Manager's record?  (That is: you have graphed a particular found set of records, and you want to automatically graph a similar found set of records in the same way?)"

Sorbsbuster I think what you're suggesting is exactly what I want.  I'd like to have a graph show up on each record that shows the (graphic) history of that salesperson's performance.

     Thanks for any help you can provide.