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FMP12 (Advanced): Simple Runtime Solution from Mac to Windows

Question asked by Livebox on Sep 18, 2013
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FMP12 (Advanced): Simple Runtime Solution from Mac to Windows


     Would some kind soul put me out of my misery here, please?

     I have scoured the forum until my eyes hurt and I promise I've read various posts on this topic, but I still can't quite get my head around it.

     My database and FMP12 (Advanced) software is on my Mac.

     I want to create a standalone runtime solution for a Windows user.

     I thought that I could create both Mac and Windows solutions from my Mac.

     I've produced a working Mac solution - good times.

     I can't produce a working Windows solution - bad times.

     I've tried popping the Windows Internal Runtime Libraries folder into the FMI Runtime Resources folder. It appears to do its thing but the generated solution refuses to co-operate for the Windows user.

My ultimate question is:

Do I really need to borrow a Windows machine, install my FMP12 (Advanced) software on it, copy my database across and create the standalone runtime solution for Windows on that machine in order to then pass it on to the intended Windows user?

     Apologies if my post seems very 'step-by-step' but I really do need someone to treat me like an idiot to make sure I understand it properly!