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FMP12 Advanced on Windows 8 laptop

Question asked by lightwind on May 29, 2013
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FMP12 Advanced on Windows 8 laptop


     Long story - short!

     I have a Windows 7 PC and a Windows XP laptop. I purchased a full copy of FMP Advanced 10 a couple of years ago, which I then copied onto both machines, as per the FMP license.

     I recently upgraded from FMP10 to FMP12 Advanced. However, my old XP laptop has now been replaced with a new Windows 8 laptop. I cannot install the FMP12 Advanced Upgrade onto my Windows 8 laptop, because no prior verison of FMP has been installed on this new machine. I really need to be able to use FMP12 on BOTH machines (not at the same time!), so can anyone advise me on what to do.

     I could perhaps install FMP10 Advanced onto the Windows 8 laptop - but would this actually work? FMP10 is not designed to work with Windows 8, AFAIK? Also,  I can't justify spending more on another full license for FMP12, just for my laptop.

     Any advice please?