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    FMP12 crashes trying to convert Bento file



      FMP12 crashes trying to convert Bento file


      I just installed FMP12 (on a MacBookPro with OSX 10.7.4). Followed the instructions in BentotoFileMakerProGuide05032012.pdf for converting my Bento database to FMP.

      When I select Bento Data Source (step 2) to locate the file to convert, nothing happens for about 15 seconds and then I get a system error report that Filemaker quit unexpectedly.

      Same result trying three times, and then again after rebooting the computer.

      I searched the forum for this problem and got one old thread, but the solution offered did not work.

      Help, please.

      - Greg

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          The file is not open in Bento?  No other applications running?

          OS X 10.7.4 is only a few days old, there are reported problems, mostly minor.

          Filemaker 12 is relatively new and has issues.

          I would try starting in Safe Mode [SHIFT key down] this does a fsck [file structure check and repair]. minimal cache clearing, and does not load all kext [extensions or added system utilities].

          If that makes no difference, I would suggest Onyx or YASU and run the default maintenance routines in one of them.

          If that makes no difference, I have no easy suggestions.

          Unable to find any useful or relative info

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            Thank for for the suggestions, David.

            When I tried before, I made sure that Bento was closed, but I did have other applications running.

            Tried using Safe Mode, no other applications running and still got the crash.

            Downloaded and ran Onyx. Still get the crash. As soon as I select Bento data as the file type, the window disappears; nothing happens for 10-15 seconds, and then I get the OS error & report message.

            I also tried to convert the Bento file using the normal File commands in FMP, instead of the Quick Start menu. If I select File > Import, all options are grayed out, including Bento. If I select File > Open and then select Bento as the data type, FMP crashes as above.

            As you can imagine, I'm a bit frustrated. Also chagrined to discover that telephone support would cost me $45 and is only available weekday business hours.

            - Greg

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              Make sure that you have the most updated version of Bento available.

              My Known Bugs List database shows that there was an Issue with FileMaker 12 and Bento that was recently fixed with the release of a new bug fix for Bento.

              For More Information see:     Crash on Bento Import

              This is one of many acknowledged bugs that can be found in the Known Bug List thread here in the Report an Issue section of the forum.

              It can also be downloaded as a database file from:    http://www.4shared.com/file/8orL8apk/FMP_Bugs.html

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                Thank you PhilModJunk. I thought I had the latest update, but was one behind. The update mentioned in your link to another forum post did the trick.

                I had searched the forum before posting myself, but for some reason that thread didn't come up.

                A couple of items of note for anyone from Filemaker reading here:

                - I am a registered Bento owner and received no notice of the update. There is apparently no option for Auto Update in Bento.

                - I bought FMP12 on a promotion email for Bento owners that was forwarded to me by someone else. I wonder why I didn't receive the email directly.

                - I bought Bento as a download from the App Store. Had to go back there to get the update, not just download it from Filemaker. The App Store also does not seem to have an auto update option, nor any push notification that updates are available.

                Glad to have it all working now, and thanks for the assistance.

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                  I've had exactly the same problem as described by gvaughn. I'm just updating Bento via App Store as suggested above. Fingers crossed it sorts the issue.