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FMP12 Inventory with Intelliscanner SOHO

Question asked by GraceLee on Jan 8, 2013
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FMP12 Inventory with Intelliscanner SOHO


     I'm trying to use Intelliscanner SOHO (wireless / USB to computer) scanner with  FMP12 inventory.

     I have over 500 items with barcode. What I need to do is, scan all those items whenever I go to the room using SOHO (Wireless/USB scanner), then connect the scanner to the computer and have FileMaker tell me if there is any missing item or discrepancies between the inventory database and barcode from the scanner.

     I'm very new to this fileMaker program and I'm trying to gather the information but I haven't been lucky to find exact information that I need.

     I know how to build the database by putting each items but I can't find how to make the program load these existing barcode without adding the quantity of the items and give me the difference after comparing the database and the barcode from the scanner.

     Inventory tracking - close to 5-10 times a day - is what I need to do with this program.

     This is what I have from the scanner company about the function of the scnner.

Since IntelliScanner SOHO functions as a keyboard, it can type into any application. When the "Scanner Services Assistant" window opens prompting you to select an action, select "Type into frontmost application", then click the "Send" button and place your cursor in the field in FileMaker where you want the numbers to be typed

     I'll appreciate any advice about this.

     Thank you!