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FMP12 Invoice Starter Solution - Stock Adjustment

Question asked by KennethWooden on Dec 13, 2013
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FMP12 Invoice Starter Solution - Stock Adjustment



     I'm brand new to FMP and I am trying to use the Invoice starter solution to track my product inventory, sales, re-stock supply, and profits.  I have have made only minor changes to the starter solution.

     I entered all of my products into the "Products" table and assigned each product ID to the "Part Number" field.  I created a new customer and invoice with three products on it to test everything out.  The invoice worked well except it didn't deduct the three products I entered on the invoice from my current stock count.

     Can someone please provide me a solution to this issue?  Additionally, can you tell me what I need to do to track my yearly sales amount, stock expenses, and profits?

     Any help will be greatly appreciated


     - Humble newbie