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    FMP12 Signature Capture



      FMP12 Signature Capture


           We are using FMP12 and have several form layouts that need signatures. We purchased TOPAZ SigLite 1.5 signature pads which are working great to capture signatures for our PDF documents, but I need to know how to create a container for our form layouts that will hold a signature created from these signature pads. We cannot afford yet another piece of software.

           Can anyone provide me one or more examples of scripts that might be used for this purpose? Thank you

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               What options for signature capture come with the signature pads?

               Is there any option to automatically save an image file to a designated folder on the computer?

               If so, you can import or insert that image file into a FileMaker container field.

               Or the option to copy the image to the system clipboard?

               If so, a script can paste that image into a Filemaker container field.

               Without that type of capability, you will need to acquire either an SDK product from the supplier that does this or possibly a third party plug in.

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                 The software that we have that came with the Topaz sig pads does have an option of saving an image file, but I am not sure it is automatic. I will check into this. Can you provide an example of the script to use to accomplish pasting the image into the container field. I was able to create the container field using the help online. Not sure of the script format to get this done. Fairly new to this process.

                 We are hoping to avoid having to purchase additional software. I appreciate your  assistance

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                   Script to Paste an image from the system clipboard:

                   Paste [Select ; YourTable::YourContainerField ]

                   The container field must be on the current layout when this script executes.