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    FMP12 Web Viewer Won't Refresh



      FMP12 Web Viewer Won't Refresh




           I have  created a Main Document table and a Document Release Table (basically a listing of the the different Revs released) 

           I have the Document Releases listed within a portal in the Main Document layout.  This means the WebViewer is within a portal.

           I wanted to make the actual content of the document available as HTML.  So, within the Document Release table I have a "DocContentBody" text field, and a "DocComposedContent" Calculation field.  The Composed Text basically tacks on some HTML, header info etc.

           When I look at the results of the "DocComposedContent" field within a text field, it works fine, and accurately reflects what I should show as calculated content for each Release.

           When I look at it within the Web Viewer, it works fine for the first Release but won't refresh for other Releases.  So, the content I have for Release 0 is what I keep seeing for Release 1, even if I have the calculated content 

           If I scroll through the Main Document table, the first Release data is what shows up in the WebViewer for each record in the portal.

           I have attached the Browse Mode.  (APPARENTLY I can upload only one attachment per entry, so I am just uploading the Browse mode output - The Layout mode outputs is showing the same exact content side by side, except one is in WebViewer and the other is in a default calculation text output.)  The Browse mode output in then shown.  I have put an arrow against the the Release Number field.  In the Text field, the correct release number of "1" is shown.  In the web-viewer, it has not updated to show the correct Release number.

           I have even manually tried to refresh the viewer many times, and it doesn't seem to work.  Any help would be appreciated.



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               The context for the HTML text shown on the right may be different from that referenced by the web viewer inside the portal. And the relationship on whichn the portal is based might also delay/prevent automatic updates of the data referenced by the web viewer.

               What is the purpose of the portal here? On what relationship is it based?

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                 I have two tables: DocMain and DocRls. 

                 The main layout is from the DocMain table.

                 In the "Main Document Tab", there is a a portal showing a listing of the various Releases for the Document.

                 The portal in the "View Composed" tab, is just looking at the DocRlsComposedContent field.  The composed content is just an HTML version of the main body of text which I have in a separate Text field.  So the Composed Content is a calculation from that field.

                 I am attaching the Layout mode of what I had before.



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                   And what is the relationship between DocMain and DocRIs? What do you use for match fields? Is it a sorted relationship?

                   If you are using this type of one to many relationship:

                   DocMain::__pkDocMainID = DocRIs::_fkDocMainID

                   Then I don't see any need for the web viewer as you can list all needed data from DocRI's in the portal without using a web viewer and the HTML tagged text.

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                     Hi Phil,

                     <quote>If you are using this type of one to many relationship:

                     DocMain::__pkDocMainID = DocRIs::_fkDocMainID

                     Then I don't see any need for the web viewer as you can list all needed data from DocRI's in the portal without using a web viewer and the HTML tagged text.</quote>

                     The information I want to display are basically documents with bullets, numbered indents etc. (in other words with significantly more formatting that I am able to utilize in FMP)  They now exist as separate Word files.  I want to dynamically create the document with additional content from the database entries, such as the Release Numbers, approval names and dates etc..  That way, the generated content can be printed as a standalone document.

                     I thought the WebViewer would be the easier way to go.  It doesn't seem like it is feasible.  I can still have the output generated as an HTML document, but it will be exported out as a separate file.

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                       I don't see why what you want to do isn't working. I can't see enough detail to see how it is intended to work. What I see looks like a typical HTML table but I can't really see what is supposed to be the full data source for that table, just a few bits and pieces.

                       I was simply questioning why it was necessary to build that layer of complexity into your database.

                       Your example doesn't show any such special formatting--just a table like view that is possible without resorting to a web viewer so I asked to see if the best solution might be to simplify what you have shown here. (and indenting, bulleted lists etc aren't totally impossible in FMP though producing that result would not be a simple thing to accomplish.)

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                         Well, I don't know how else to say it.  I was expecting the web viewer to behave just like any field I would have in a portal.  I have a calculation field.  The output of the calculation is essentially to add HTML tags.  If I view the calculated output in a text field within the portal, I see it perfectly well enough as HTML, with tags and all.  I can export the result of the calculation field as a standalone HTML file, which automatically opens in a browser with no problem.  

                         That same exact calculation field value, when I choose to look at it through a web-viewer, won't refresh beyond what it has for the first portal record.  My assumption was that that I should just point the web viewer to the related field,  just like any other portal data, it should be able to automatically refresh/relead.

                         I just experimented to have the webviewer show the exact record I want in a separate layout triggered with a button running a "Go To Related Record" command, and it seems to work.  Apparently, it just won't automatically refresh if the viewer is within a portal.  I can't seem to understand why.  I guess I will have to get my users to point back to the original layout instead of going tab-to-tab within the same layout.

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                           The problem isn't that the webviewer will not refresh.  You can not put a web viewer into a portal.


                           From the above link

                           You can’t place a web viewer in a portal. If you place a web viewer on a portal, the web viewer appears as an object on the layout that overlaps the portal.



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                             Thank you S Chamblee.

                             Apparently I found out the hard way.

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                               Yep and thanks from me as well. I should have remembered that limitation....blush

                               You might want to try again by describing the precise data that you want to display and how you want to format it. We might then be able to come up with an alternate approach.

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                                 Most obviously thank you too Phil.!!

                                 Basically, I am looking to make available a well-edited text like a word document from within Filemaker.  I am looking at procedures and the like.  The document approvals, and links to other referenced documents are going to be within Filemaker.  I wanted to have the users actually read the formatted document within Filemaker.

                                 By well-edited, I mean things like indented bullets etc... (Section 4.2.a.... etc...).  I don't believe I can get this kind of formatting capability within a  text field.  But I thought if I can save the html source text, then I can display the well-formatted document within the viewer.   So far, It does work as intended, except that I can't put a Web Viewer in a portal.

                                 Now, if there is a way that I can save a word formatted document within a container, then extract and display the content as-is, with additional document information added to it dynamically, I'd be set.  I just can't figure out a good way to do it outside of a web viewer.  (I know Filemaker is not a word processor)


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                                        I don't believe I can get this kind of formatting capability within a  text field.

                                   Ah but you can. You can set tab stops, indents etc for a text field in the Inspector's appearance tab.

                                   Another option would be not to use the portal. A list view of the records in the portal with the other data included in different layout parts such as the header, summary and sub summary layout parts...., could list multiple web viewers and you would not be dealing with the portal limitation.