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FMP12 Web Viewer Won't Refresh

Question asked by deraymen on Oct 14, 2013
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FMP12 Web Viewer Won't Refresh




     I have  created a Main Document table and a Document Release Table (basically a listing of the the different Revs released) 

     I have the Document Releases listed within a portal in the Main Document layout.  This means the WebViewer is within a portal.

     I wanted to make the actual content of the document available as HTML.  So, within the Document Release table I have a "DocContentBody" text field, and a "DocComposedContent" Calculation field.  The Composed Text basically tacks on some HTML, header info etc.

     When I look at the results of the "DocComposedContent" field within a text field, it works fine, and accurately reflects what I should show as calculated content for each Release.

     When I look at it within the Web Viewer, it works fine for the first Release but won't refresh for other Releases.  So, the content I have for Release 0 is what I keep seeing for Release 1, even if I have the calculated content 

     If I scroll through the Main Document table, the first Release data is what shows up in the WebViewer for each record in the portal.

     I have attached the Browse Mode.  (APPARENTLY I can upload only one attachment per entry, so I am just uploading the Browse mode output - The Layout mode outputs is showing the same exact content side by side, except one is in WebViewer and the other is in a default calculation text output.)  The Browse mode output in then shown.  I have put an arrow against the the Release Number field.  In the Text field, the correct release number of "1" is shown.  In the web-viewer, it has not updated to show the correct Release number.

     I have even manually tried to refresh the viewer many times, and it doesn't seem to work.  Any help would be appreciated.