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FMP12- Nonsensical Error- Importing From Bento- Then Crashes

Question asked by mrbill on May 21, 2012
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FMP12- Nonsensical Error- Importing From Bento- Then Crashes


Hello- FMP 12 is giving me an erroneous error message and crashes when importing from Bento

Software versions and background:

Freshly downloaded FMPro 12 with softwre update check... Confirmed lastest version.

Bento 4.0.7- Software update confirmed latest.

Running Latest most up to date version of Lion.


Steps to reproduce:

- Open FMP12

- At opening home screen

- Select 'Convert and existing file...' link

- In Open File Dialog box, Change default from 'Excel Workbooks (.xlsx) to 'Bento Data Source'

- NOTE: Navigating to Library folder IS NOT POSSIBLE IN LION! So I just select my user directory and hope Bento can get there.

- Click OK.

- Error Summary: Bento file is too recent (later version?). And then Filemaker must be force quit.

Problem is 100% reproduceable. Picture enclosed.


Any thoughts? Thanks!

UPDATE: I snagged the Bentodb file from the library folder, put it on the desktop, and am still able to reproduce 100%.