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FMP13 File Damaged

Question asked by BrendaCamilleri_1 on Apr 24, 2015
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FMP13 File Damaged


I've been using Filemaker Pro 13 without any issues until a month ago. No changes to the software (save one update I believe), no changes in workflow, no changes in operating system. I run a database of people and need to upload images to the profiles. I do this by drag and drop into the appropriate fields. Since about a month ago I have been having issues with uploading these images. Once I drag and drop an image, FMP13 crashes, each time checking for inconsistencies and each time creating a recovered file which outputs the same result.

I also tried recovering the file. Turns out many inconsistencies were found but I personally can make no sense about how to tackle this situation, these 'errors' what to do to fix this. My database is unusable like this.

I have Updated my Mac to MAC OS X Yosemite. Nothing changed.

I have re-downloaded and re-installed FMP13. Nothing changed.

Anyone with similar or same issues? How did you guys solve it.