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FMP13 not saving files?!?!!?!

Question asked by SamRembert on May 30, 2014
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FMP13 not saving files?!?!!?!


     One of my favorite things about Filemaker has always been that's it's a "save as you go" piece of software.  There has never been a reason to remember to save, because every record, every layout change, everything is saved immediately to the file.

     Well, apparently not anymore.  I got a bit suspicious with a file I was working on yesterday, and when I opened it last night, something didn't seem right.  Some stuff I thought I had done wasn't there.  Since I was tired, I figured I must just be imagining things.

     Then today...I spent all day pouring over a the file getting all sorts of new layouts made.  And when I got home and opened the file, it was the file from yesterday, again.  None of the work I did all day long was saved.  It's all gone.  I've searched all over my computer, and cannot find anything that may be hidden.  A day and a half of work wasted, all of which will have to be done again.

     I recently upgraded my laptop to Mavericks, and updated to FMP13 yesterday.  Is this some new "feature" I don't know about where things aren't saved as before?