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FMP2SQL Front End Connection Question..

Question asked by ChipGettler on Aug 16, 2010


FMP2SQL Front End Connection Question..


I've built my FileMaker Pro layout, and I'm now ready to hae ti as the Front End of my MSSQL database.

I've read about the pitfalls of Frontending SQL via ODBC, but for a temp solution I need to do this.

I've set up the ODBC, and can connect to my data on the SQL server. So far I've managed the database for my project by Adding the SQL database to the relationships Tab, and linking my objects.

But I'm obviosly missing an important step... How do I get the retords in my SQL DB to show up in the FMP DB?

Do I do an Import? I thought the import was for bringing that info over so that it sits on the FMP DB?!

Thanks for any help in making this work.