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FMP5.5 won't import csv files

Question asked by CPSEN on Sep 25, 2012
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FMP5.5 won't import csv files


     Using FMP v.5.5 on a Mac, and I can't get it to recognize some .csv files for importing.  The problem files were exported from a v.5.5 file, updated in LibreOffice, saved as a .csv file when done.  When I go to import the resulting file, it shows up grayed-out as if it's not a csv (Import options set to select All File Types).  Oddly, I was able to get it to work once.  Note that when I have both open (FMP5.5 and LibreOffice) both seem to hang.  If I force-close LibreOffice, FMP will often free up.  Not sure that's relevant...

     I also can't import dirctly from a .csv that was created under Salesforce ( for the same reason, the Salesforce file can't be selected for import despite being a .csv.

     Anyone heard of this?

     Thanks a ton.  Carl