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           I have been happily using FMP6v4 on my Mac for years (OS = 10.6.8)

           All of a sudden it won't work. I can open files but then  I get the colorful spinning wheel and cannot enter anything.

           Do I finally need to upgrade? Or is there something I can do to keep using this version.

           Thanks, Ian

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               I still have a few fmp6 working DB's.  I don't think it is the MacOS, but not sure.  When did you last Software Update 10.6.8?  Try a back up or do a Recover Files from FMP6.


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                 Is it the harddrive? the OSX install? the FMP install? the User plists? the database itself?

                 Start 10.6.8 with Shift Key down (wired keyboard) - this will start in Safe Mode and the HD will be repaired.  http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1455
                 Try opening database.

                 OR Download, Install and Run AppleJack - use the command line "applejack auto restart"   http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/15667/applejack

                 Make a New User with admin privileges in Users in System Preferences - logout, login as New User and test database.
                 If it works the problem is in the User Folder, not the System Library or the FMP install.

                 A recover of the database may help diagnose a database problem  http://www.fileshoppe.com/recover.htm
                 Does a newly created database open and run? If so, it is likely the database and not FMP installation.

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                   THanks Jim and David.

                   A bit embarrassing.  I had thought that My Mac was checking for software updates automatically.  Apparently not, so after I updated the software and restarted the computer, the FMP6 started working again.  Woo hoo.  All my recipes, wine lists, music cheat sheets, and addresses are accessible once again!


                   THanks  again.