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    FMP7 -> FMP11 Migration



      FMP7 -> FMP11 Migration


      Hi folks.  Related to another post, from the looks of it, I am updating a client's FMP7 solution.  6 tables in 6 "databases" in FMP7.  That's the way it was set up some time ago.  Since then (it was designed in v4, I think), FMP has integrated tables into a single database, much like how MySQL has had for years.  So, 1 db = multiple tables.  

      FMP has display layouts.  I guess you choose which table you're dealing with, then design the layout to display ... that.  

      Is there a methodology of migrating multiple old skool databases into a single current FMP11 database?  Do I have to walk through and re-script everything?  Are there restrictions that I don't realize at this point in time?  Should I just stick to the old style?  I'm having issues with variables not travelling amongst the new version of "databases".  That's the true version of "global", but FMP has that restriction around a single new "database".  


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          You can pull multiple files together into a single multi-table file, but it's a bit of work to do.

          Import Records can be used with a new table option to pull a table and it's data into a different file.

          Scripts can be imported from one file to another.

          You can select all the layout objects on a layout and copy/paste them into a layout in the multi-table file.

          You can't import or copy/paste relationships nor can you copy paste value list definitions. (But you can copy and paste a list of custom values.)

          You have to do it in the right order and paste carefully or references to scripts and fields in the original file will be broken in the new file until you find and reconnect them.

          One trick is to copy and paste layout objects twice:

          1. Set up a layout to your newly imported table and make sure that the table occurrence listed in Show Records From in Layout Setup... is exactly the same as that in the layout from which you are copying. (YOu can change the name later if you need to.)
          2. Copy and paste the layout objects, but don't bother trying to adjust the location and size of layout part just yet.
          3. Import the scripts for this layout. (any objects on the layout that the scripts refer to are present so they won't be broken).
          4. Delete all the pasted layout objects and paste them again into the layout. (Now any buttons that refer to a script you have just imported will work.)


          FileMaker Advanced's Database Design Report can also help you look for and fix such issues.

          I haven't used it myself, but there's a third party tool named FMMigrator that is supposed to make this process easier.

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            Hi Phil.  Thanks for the reply.  

            I took a stab at it, and it's going to be some work.  Time to talk to the client.  FMP should have been this way since the beginning.  What would have been nice is to be able to drag layouts in the "Manage Layouts" window over to the new db somehow.  Ah, but I am wishing, and this is FileMakerLand.  Heh.


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              I have started copying all of my custom value lists into a text file so I have a library of those to copy and past as needed.  It can also be easier to edit them in a word processor sometimes.

              Really do wish there was a layout import option sometimes though.

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                how I copy a custom value list from file 1 to file 2.

                1. Open the Value list in Manage | Value list in file 1.
                2. Copy the name of the value list and paste it into the list of custom values.
                3. Select and copy list of custom values and the value list name.
                4. Exit Manage | Value lists by clicking cancel so that the value list isn't changed.
                5. Now you can paste the value list name and values into the custom values box in File 2, then cut/paste the value list name from the list of values up into the name box for the value list.