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FMP7 -> FMP11 Migration

Question asked by BeeRich_ on Jun 5, 2011
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FMP7 -> FMP11 Migration


Hi folks.  Related to another post, from the looks of it, I am updating a client's FMP7 solution.  6 tables in 6 "databases" in FMP7.  That's the way it was set up some time ago.  Since then (it was designed in v4, I think), FMP has integrated tables into a single database, much like how MySQL has had for years.  So, 1 db = multiple tables.  

FMP has display layouts.  I guess you choose which table you're dealing with, then design the layout to display ... that.  

Is there a methodology of migrating multiple old skool databases into a single current FMP11 database?  Do I have to walk through and re-script everything?  Are there restrictions that I don't realize at this point in time?  Should I just stick to the old style?  I'm having issues with variables not travelling amongst the new version of "databases".  That's the true version of "global", but FMP has that restriction around a single new "database".