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Question asked by MBschoolLabTech on Oct 27, 2009
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Hi - I am very new to Filemaker and still experimenting and trying to learn it. I am working on an inventory of computers in our building. I have one field that is a drop down menu with IP Addresses (Ex: 10.10.56, 10.10.87...) and the next field is the last digits of the IP address (.45, .78, etc...) what I would like to do is have that drop down option link back to it's own separate database - so all the numbers 10.10.56 would go to a spreadsheet and then I could print a list of what IP Addresses are being used and by whom - and which ones are available for use. I figured out how to create the 3 drop down categories I need - but how to I tell it that anything with 10.10.56 goes to this database and anything with the option of 10.10.87 goes to another one?


Is this making any sense??


Michelle B