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    FMPDSORESULT XML export issue



      FMPDSORESULT XML export issue




      I 'm developing an FMP9 app which exports XML data using FMPDSORESULT. The XML data is used as dynamic content in a PHP website. Now I have the annoying issue that FMP adds 'xmlns="http://www.filemaker.com/fmpdsoresult"' to the FMPDSORESULT tag which seems to make the PHP parsing fail. When I manually remove the 'xmlns=...' part it works fine. This means I (and in the end my client...) have to edit all 5 XML files every time the website content is updated. Not very handy, to put it lightly...    


      2 questions:

      _ Why does the PHP fail because of it?

      _ Can I make FMP not include it?


      There's a way to solve it externally with an applescript or so that would delete it automatically but I'd much rather have it exported correctly from FMP. 


      Btw, I know FMP wants me to use FMPXMLRESULT but FMPDSORESULT is far more comfortable for my app. 



      Thanks a lot for any help! Dieter