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FMPro 11 ODBC Data Source on Windows 7

Question asked by RonSteiner on Nov 22, 2010
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FMPro 11 ODBC Data Source on Windows 7


I need suggestions as to how to debug this problem:

I am running FMPro 11.0v2 on Windows 7 (64bit). I have data in a MySQL database that I'd like to link to with FM Pro.  I have set up the MySQL ODBC DSN using the 32 bit drivers.

When I do an import the 'Select ODBC Data Source' list is populated as I'd expect with all the local ODBC DSNs and I can import data from the MySQL ODBC DSN I set up with no difficulty.

But if I try to link to the data instead of import it (using File | Manage ... | External Data Sources | New... | Edit Data Source and selecting ODBC, then Specify ... button) no DSNs appear in the 'Select ODBC Data Source' list.

What should I do next to figure out why?