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FMPro 11 won't batch open on Server 2003

Question asked by on Mar 31, 2010


FMPro 11 won't batch open on Server 2003


FMPro 10 could open the 9 shared files our 3 users need hosted on our fully patched MS Server 2003 Standard Edition Proliant x86 ML350 G4  file server.  FMPro 11 will only open one file.


The rest of the 9 files need to be opened manually.  I put shortcuts to the files in the Startup Folder to automate the file open process.  MS Updates occaisonally restart the server.  This always seems to happen when I am unavailable.  FMPro 10 worked fine.  Is there a work around?  We are a small charitable foundation k-12 school.  I am the entire IT and phone support staff.


Server 2003 is not in the FMpro certified OS list for either ver 10 or 11.