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    FMPro 3.0v4 on MacOS 8.6



      FMPro 3.0v4 on MacOS 8.6


      In Techdocs Userguide v3 pdf  I do read minimum system requirements of MacOS 7, but:

      Is FilemakerPro 3.0v4 save to run on MacOS 8.6 ?

      Somebody there to tell me 'maximum' system requirements ?


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          Version 3 is SO old, I wouldn't try to do anything with it but convert it to the latest version and that takes several versions of FileMaker (you can download trial copies of the needed versions in order to do the conversions.)

          Even if you can get it to work on that version, you are dealing with old systems and old database software. One hardware failure and you can be stuck with a system that won't run on any replacement system that you can find.

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            'wouldn't try to do anything with it' - CRM system holding more than 15000 adress datasets, integrated text/correspondence processor, never ever used any MS-Wordsh...t , since 1996. 3 workstation and a server PPC FM3. Did run it on 7 until 2012. Enough spare hardware (bought for a couple of bucks) here for the next 15 years. No need whatsoever to change a very well running environment. This has been so well thought over and programmed we never had change it. Better think first, instead of shuffe hardware and software each year, makes no sense at all. 'Consultant'-Talk, sorry. Just wanted to know where Filemaker Inc is hiding the updates.

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              Filemaker is not hiding the updates from you. I am sure they quit supporting FM3 long long ago.

              If you update your operating system, it is important that the programs you run are compatible with your OS. There is no way when Claris released FM3 it could anticipate what the system requirements are going to be like 20 years in the future. No software company can guarantee it's software will keep running forever.

              In my opinion, you are lucky it lasted as long as it did.


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                I confess to being a zealot for the principles of kaizen.  If you are using software that hasn't been changed ('improved') since 1996 (that's last century) then I suspect it may benefit from the exercise of re-looking at it with a fresh mind.

                If you have all that hardware available, why not just try running it and see what happens?

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                  Markus Schneider

                  FileMaker Pro 3.0x should run under MacOS (Classic), I can't remember of app's not running anymore under Classic 8, but it's too many years ago...

                  We have one customer running a bondy-blue G3 (MacOS Classic 9) with FileMaker Server 3 and FileMaker Pro 4 for clients. Tho whole thing became way too slow - backups to an external media takes forever (USB1.0), so we are about to migrate the solution 1:1 to FileMaker 13

                  That said, I personally would never run a buisiness on a hardware that is 2 decades old, no security, no compatibility to current software, compatibilit to current peripherals, the risk of hardware failure and no more spare parts, etc. It is Your decision (-:

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                    Markus Schneider

                    ...and another time: Thanks to the creator of this forum software for not beeing able to edit postings (on iPad). Typing mistakes belong to the creator of the forum sw (-: