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    FMPro 9 client, FMPro5 server..



      FMPro 9 client, FMPro5 server..




      Before I spend too long trying different things, can anyone tell me if it's possible to use the FMPro9 client to connect to an existing FMPro5 server and use the existing shared databases. I understand that I would probably need to convert the individual dbs to .fm7, but could I do this and leave the existing server infrastructure in place ? 


      Many thanks for your help.




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          Thank you for your post.


          Even though FileMaker Server is just serving up the files, FileMaker Server 5 is looking for FileMaker Pro 5/6 files.  It will not serve up FileMaker Pro 7/8/9 files.  You can either keep your old FileMaker Pro 5/6 clients, or if you need to upgrade to FileMaker Pro 9, then you would need to upgrade FileMaker Server to version 9 (since neither version 7 nor version 8 is available).



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