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FMpro database crashes

Question asked by LouParkinson on Feb 1, 2012
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FMpro database crashes


Myself and my colleague both use an FmPro11 v4 database to input research questionnaires. We both use separate laptops (Mac OS X version 10.6.8) to input and both have a copy of the same database. My colleagues database crashes frequently mid data input, whereas I do not have a problem with mine (it crashes very occasionally). I have recently made a new copy of my database for her to use and it has had no effect. The crashes seem to occur during inputting of list questions where there are several drop down lists. I have tried switching the drop down lists to radio buttons, but this has still not worked. When it crashes she just gets the spinning ball symbol and then it shuts down. WHen she reopens it the last page or 2 of data are lost.  Can anyone help as it is making her job rather difficult?